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Be refreshed in the Lord through this wonderful pastor’s seminar.


Come experience fulfillment and recovery with God’s love. Open to every pastor, missionary, and minister in Christian organizations and communities.

Core Focus

The seminar’s theme is the extravagant Love of God, walking with the Holy Spirit, God’s amazing plan and recovery for every couple, leadership resembling the Lord, life with blessing all nations. The main speakers for this seminar are people who have been credited as bible teachers and healing counseling ministers in YWAM and community churches as well as missionaries who have dedicated their life to Jesus. All the lectures and programs will be interpreted in Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin and staff are ready to serve you with their whole heart.

Course Outline

Many programs such as Discipleship training and Healing Counseling programs that have been hosted in YWAM for decades are summarized in this seminar. This bible-based program has led numerous people from all over the world to be more intimate with God, set many worshippers and intercessors, and blessed families. Through the seminar, people showed dynamic leaderships both in their lives and in fields of spreading the Gospel.

We provide various programs such as lectures from great speakers, worship programs, and dynamic experience in the YWAM base as the epicenter of missions, Hawaii’s beautiful beach feast, and Island tours on weekends. Every day, we are ready to serve you physically and mentally.

School Information


July 9th – 20th, 2018


US $2,800 per couple or $1,400 per person – (Flight tickets are not included)


English, Korean, and Japanese



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