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Associates Degree:

Something profound and beautiful about studying The Word


Our world is waiting for a hero generation, brave souls, radical thinkers, men and women of action. We believe God is giving you the dreams and courage to lead the future and transform nations. At YWAM Kona, in partnership with the University of the Nations, we are raising up a generation of activists, full of passion and love for Jesus, to bring his truth, power and love to every area of society.

Each degree track begins with a Discipleship Training School (DTS) followed by dynamic courses that delve deep into God’s Word, allowing Scripture to transform your mind and heart, and rooting your thinking in God’s truth. You will discover God’s world, deeply examining and mastering the essential elements of your chosen field of study, as expert teachers from around the globe equip you to impact society. Work together on real world projects to skillfully and powerfully communicate God’s truth.

Upon completion of your two year track, you will graduate with an Associate Degree, from which you can continue on for a Bachelors or Masters with the University of the Nations.

Join us for a life-transforming adventure.

Dance Degree Course Map

Discipleship Training School
(Lecture Phase)

The pre-requisite to our degree tracks, DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING SCHOOL (YWAM-DTS) is a wild adventure. A 5-month program designed to bring you into a community (3-month Lecture Phase, followed by 2-month Outreach Phase), tangibly experience God’s love, hear his voice, and discover his plans for your life. 

*Click here to see if your DTS was 24 credits. UofN Associate Degrees require 84 credits.

Discipleship Training School
(Outreach Phase)

Crafted to challenge you, the DTS will inspire your love for the Bible, intercession, reaching the lost and servant hearted leadership. Three months of training in Kona, Hawaii followed by a two month international outreach applying all you have learned.

School of Dance

This course provides intense dance training especially in the areas of Performance Dance; as well as giving space for the dancer to grow deeper in their unique calling.

School of Dance

Put into practice what you learned, traveling with the dance rep you and team have prepared, performing on stage and in the streets around the world.

Discipleship Bible School (DBS)

Encounter God and see his story unfold as you study the Bible under dynamic teachers and within a passionate community. Observe the chronology of biblical events, better understand each book in its historical context, understand the harmony between the books, know why it was written, and grasp the main ideas.

While in DBS you will learn the foundational truths of Christianity.

School of Communication

The entire universe was created by the power of God’s words.  Through our thoughts, speech, songs, articles, visuals, websites, films, and all creative expression… we see that God’s Spirit resides in us. Our Creator is still creating today.

Together as communicators we can see our world changed by creating with Him.


HUMANITIES is shaped by the knowledge and application of God’s truth. Discover the power of the Bible to transform nations, God’s plan for each sphere of society, and how the revivals and reformations in history have shaped our world today.

Meet The DEGREE Director

Andy Bird

Andy and his wife Holly have dedicated their lives to spiritual awakening in a generation. They work with a group of life long friends committed to consecrated community, Christ-centered living, revival, and cultural reformation. Andy is part of the leadership of University of the Nations, YWAM Kona and has been with YWAM for 19 years.

Andy and Holly have helped to pioneer Fire and Fragrance ministries and the Circuit Rider Movement. One of the greatest delights of their lives is their five children Asher, Hadassah, Rhema, Valor and Chanel.

David Hewitt

David and his wife Mari have devoted their lives to the mission field for more than 30 years. Frontier Missions and Training are where David’s passions lie. He earned a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies at UofN and then spent 18 years in Asia using that gained knowledge with his wife at his side.

While living on the Tibetan Plateau, God began to put the idea for this 9-month course into his heart. He is now in Kona to train an emerging generation in God’s ways and send them out!

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