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Word by heart helps them know Jesus personally and share him in an unique way by using the exact words of the gospels.


Act like eyewitnesses to Jesus’ story, the greatest story ever told. Word By Heart helps you know Jesus personally and share him in an unique way by using the exact words of the Gospels. You’ll experience Him through your own imagination… as if you literally walked with him and saw the withered hand made whole.

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Once you have seen Jesus in this way, your natural memory will be unlocked. As stories become personal, you will simply remember them and then retell them as if they happened to you.

Core Focus

Engaging with Jesus in this way will change you. Jesus lived the most impacting life ever lived. As you draw close to him, he will start to transform you. You will experience a surge of energy for him that will empower you to spread his good news everywhere.

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Course Outline

The process of “TruthTelling”

Re-imagining the Word

Personalization of the passage at hand

Memorizing the exact words of Scripture

Retelling the Story

School Information





English – all of 2018
French – April or Sept 2018
Korean – April 2018


Pre-requisites: YWAM DTS

Course Code: CMC 233

U of N Credits: 12


Contact School leader for opportunities after the school ends


Eliot has been a pastor, a seminarian, and has been a long time YWAMer, staffing both DTS and DBS schools. Eliot and Olivia have led 3 previous Word by Heart schools in Kona and in Korea. They led the first WBH school in Korea with great success last quarter of 2017. They did all four gospels in Kona and staffed the first Philippians WBH school in Lausanne, Switzerland in July 2017. They have presented in various places and occasions and in various countries.



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