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Transforming communities through business

overall objectives

We run the TB School to teach the Biblical foundation of Business as Missions, to train people in the basics of starting a business and how business can be used to bring the gospel to restricted nations, empower the poor and needy, and bring transformation to communities and nations.

1: To get a heart and understanding of mission and how business can be used for missions.

2: To gain an understanding of how YWAM values can help your business and bring transformation in society.

Core Focus

Discovering more of God’s Purpose for your life!              

Envision business as a transformational agent with a positive influence on the people of our world.  How do we use business to bring change and transform communities?

Participates will also discover answers to the following heart questions:  What are my gifting, talents and passions? What is the call of God for my life? How can I achieve that call? What plan do you need for that call?

Each week of the 12 weeks we will explore a different aspect of business and God’s heart for people through a biblical perspective.  After completing this course, you should have:

  • A general understanding of a completed business plan
  • An understanding of your personal gifts & talents
  • A pathway to move forward in your calling
  • Understanding of various business models from a biblical view.

School Information


Jan 3rd – Mar 28th 2019


$1200 USD – Tuition Only
$4800 USD – Tuition plus campus accommodations and meals
Please contact course leader for more details.




  • Successful completion of DTS
  • Laptop or IPAD (newer model)
  • Acceptable Visa for Foreign Students

Course Outline

~ Discover your God-directed Career Path

~ Hearing God’s Voice in Business

~ Integrating Business & Mission

~ Understanding Basic Business Operations and Marketing

~ Understanding Financial Documents

~ Role of the Entrepreneur

~ Business Planning & Development

~ Developing a Spiritual Bottom Line in Business

~ Understanding different Biblical Business Models


TBS team includes: Business owners, Accountants, Lawyers, Finance Professionals, Missionaries & Entrepreneurs.

Dawn Johansen: BS from UC Davis in both Environment and Economics. She has created several successful programs working with kids at risk and sex trafficking. She owns her own business and started doing missionary work in the 1980’s.

John Johansen: MS in Resource Economics and Management from the University of Michigan and a year of post master studies in Business Administration. Former President of several wind and solar companies since the mid 1980’s. John also served as President of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

what's next?

Upon completion of the course students can choose to do SCI 288 an internship in various disciplines. Traveling to various locations to work and learn how to implement what has been learned.  Upon completion they will have practical work experience in the field of preference.

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