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One image can change a life. One life can change the world.


God is the ultimate communicator. He also uses visuals. He’s called us as His people to be effective communicators. How does your faith in Christ effect the photos you take? If you want to use photography as more than a hobby, and use your camera for the Kingdom of God, the School of Photography I (SOP I) is for you.

Core Focus

For more than two decades, the School of Photography (SOP) has offered high caliber training to use your camera for missions or business. Our guest speakers are rock stars who desire to put Christ first in their industry. Learn more than the tricks and techniques, and go deeper in your use and understanding of camera work and how it can be used to capture the color and beauty of God’s world.

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Course Outline

Motivation: Christ-like attitudes, Christian and non-Christian photographers and their motivation

What makes a superb photo? How do you get them?

Visual literacy, “reading” a photo, composition

The digital darkroom: using Adobe Lightroom CC, introduction to Photoshop CC , and digital workflow

Color management, calibrating your camera, monitor, printer, projector, using color profiles

Characteristics of light: soft vs. hard, direction, color

temperature, flash or continuous, white balance, etc.

Using studio flash incl. on location, using your own flash

Photojournalism, storytelling, doing photos of people well

Ministering as a Christian through a business, pricing your photos, running a photo business

Printing your own photos from digital for best quality and longest life

School Information







A YWAM / UofN Discipleship Training School is the only pre-requisite for the SOP I. No prior experience in photography is required.


In place of a field assignment (outreach) after the School of Photography I (SOP I), photo internships are possible for individual students. Internships are 12 week, 12 credit courses, just like the schools they’re linked to. Students build on the foundation of the SOP I by working in hands-on, practical ways, supervised by a professional photographer in businesses or mission groups for 40 hours of work per week. The 12 weeks need not be immediately after the SOP I, but do need to be started no later than 1 year after the student finishes their SOP I. The 12 weeks need to be consecutive, but the dates need not match UofN-Kona quarters.


Dennis started in photography in 1963, began teaching photography in 1970.

He and his wife, Jo, joined Youth with a Mission staff in 1977 after two and half years with another missions organization. The Lord has taken Dennis and his cameras to 51 countries so far. They’ve been staff with YWAM Kona since 1988.

Phone: +1-808-989-5650



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