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“If The Gospel Is Not Relevant To The Issues Of The Day, It Is Not The Gospel At All”
– Martin Luther King


Act like eyewitnesses to Jesus’ story, the greatest story ever told. Word By Heart helps you know Jesus personally and share him in an unique way by using the exact words of the Gospels. You’ll experience Him through your own imagination… as if you literally walked with him and saw the withered hand made whole.

Core Focus

Our goal is to equip students to tackle injustices locally and globally by developing ministry programs and advocacy strategies.

Our hope is to confront injustice from the grassroots all the way to the policy and legislative level and to support their efforts through ongoing training, workshops, and mentorships.

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Course Outline

Biblical view of the sphere of government, justice, and advocacy

Understanding political justice, law, and human rights

How to address justice issues in the community and internationally through a hands on problem solving methodology based on students’ real world work

How to plan for an advocacy campaign and work with community leaders and government officials for social change

Working on injustices for the long term, how to guard your heart against burn-out and despair

School Information


April 6 – Jun 28, 2017






Successful completion of a YWAM DTS and outreach


International Students: Non U.S. residents wishing to take this course, must be enrolled in a full-time degree at University of the Nations, Kona.

Check our Associates Degree page, for more information.


A field assignment portion is optional and will vary from year to year based on student’s interest and school and staff opportunities.

Potential internships will be explored for students that desire to engage in opportunities related to social justice and advocacy. These potential internships are completely independent of the school and are on the merit of the individual student and their application to the position, i.e. we will provide the opportunity but it is not a guarantee of acceptance.  For more information contact the school leader.


Sara has been working in advocacy, non-profit consulting, and international development for nearly two decades. She has degree in International Affairs from Gordon College and then a Masters in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University where she focused her studies on legislative drafting for democratic social change and civil society advocacy.

She completed her DTS in 1995 at Makapala, Hawaii and then spent six months at the YWAM-Porto Velho base working with the indigenous ministries. It was there that she realized a need for more understanding of the systemic injustices perpetrated by governments on the people they were supposed to be protecting.

Sara spent six months in Iraq in 2005, working with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs as a program manager to support the drafting of the Iraqi constitution. She has worked on trainings in Vietnam and Indonesia teaching legislative drafting skills to government officials, participated in online courses teaching legislative drafting, and has taught workshops in Brazil and Hawaii (working with YWAM) teaching legislative advocacy to civil society groups. More recently she ran her own non-profit consulting business assisting US nonprofits in fundraising, strategic planning, and program development.  She also collaborated on the Muwaji’s Law Project which sought to outlaw the practice of indigenous infanticide in Brazil.

She and her husband, Steve, and their children moved to Hawaii from Minnesota in the fall of 2015. They work with YWAM, run Do Justice ministries, and own a coffee farm up the mountain. Sara is obsessed with her babies, coffee, gardening, enjoys painting as a hobby, and writes novels as another secretive career.


THE UNIVERSITY OF THE NATIONS IS NOT ACCREDITED BY AN ACCREDITING AGENCY RECOGNIZED BY THE UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF EDUCATION.  Admission to the University of the Nations (U of N) and any of its sponsored programs is open to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, and educationally unrelated handicaps. U of N reserves the right to change schedules and course offerings as deemed necessary.

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