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Equipping dancers in Spirit & Truth.


This course provides intense dance training especially in the areas of Performance Dance (contemporary, hiphop, jazz, ballet, modern, etc). As well as giving space for the dancer to grow deeper in their unique calling. This course brings head knowledge together with skill through the heart of the artist – in order to effectively train up skilled dancers who will share the love of Jesus on and off stage!

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School of Dance

Core Focus

Equipping dancers in Spirit & Truth

…especially in light of what God is doing Globally in the sphere of the arts. YWAM is training up missionaries in all spheres to go to all spheres. What does it mean to be a dancer with a calling from the Lord? This is the place to dive into that, finding new levels of freedom and creativity. We will release dancers in Spirit (discipleship/lectures) & Truth (technique/rehearsals/performances). We know that an artist’s creativity & spiritual authority go together, and we are committed to give dancers a place to walk fully in who God has called them to be as dancers.

Let’s dance in Spirit & Truth!

Course Outline

This course provides intense dance training especially in the areas of Performance Dance (contemporary, hiphop, jazz, ballet, modern, etc). As well as teachings on topics relevant to the dancer in missions – such as: Biblical World View for the Arts, Dancer-Prophet, Spiritual Authority of Dance, Servant Hearted Artist, Kingdom Minded Artist. Integrating these areas practically will be done through Dancer-Disciple sessions that will train dancers further in the area of dance stewardship, production, composition/choreography, rehearsals, dance as worship & intercession, small group discussions, research assignments, and of course ministry/performance opportunities.

(**Outreach is required**)

The above can be broken down into roughly four elements:

Spiritual / Dance Relevant Lectures

Dance Technique

Dancer-Disciple Application

YWAM Essentials

School Information


6 Month School:
Sept. 26, 2019-Mar. 2020

Sept. 26th – Dec. 18, 2019



Lecture: $4,600
(*Inquire about Degree Track)

Outreach: TBA




Pre-requisites: YWAM DTS
Course Code: ATS215/216


This is the time to put to practice what you have learned.  You will travel with the dances you and the team have prepared during the Lecture Phase.  Performing in various settings such on the stage and in the streets.  There will also be opportunities to lead ministry times and workshops.  Outreach will be between 8-12 weeks, and is a required phase to complete the School of Dance course.  (Details on Location & Exact Weeks to come)

tammy tolaas

Tammy originally from Virginia began performing with a non-profit youth team (King’s Kids) in 1989.  In 2002, she was accepted as a HipHop dancer into HeartBridge Inc. – a Performing and Visual Arts Company that was based in Virginia and since relocated to Kona, Hawai’i.  In this company she quickly expanded her dance experience into the areas of ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary.

She was part of the team that came to YWAM Kona to pioneer Performing Arts DTS, along with 4 Upper Level UofN Courses, and one of the earliest Degree Tracks in the UofN that gave students a degree in Performing Arts.  

Tammy has had the opportunity to perform and teach workshops in various countries as well as worked with other companies like Island Breeze (HI, USA), Haugesund Theater (Norway), Project Dance, Sodium Dance Co (CA, USA), and Ad Deum II Dance Company (TX, USA).  She graduated with a degree in Performing Arts from University of the Nations, and received a Certificate of Excellence from Broadway Dance Center (NYC).  She has a passion to see — what she calls — the “invisible nation” of dancers reached with the love of Jesus and in turn dancers to find a creative calling & place to call home.


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