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Bible and Media for Missions Leadership School


To raise up leaders with a focus on Ending Bible Poverty through producing the JESUS Film and Discipleship materials for people groups who do not yet have these in their language. So the goal is that every language on earth will have access to these “treasures” in their mother tongue.


With a focus on Ending Bible Poverty you will be trained to produce the JESUS film (using the JESUS Film processes) into new languages.  You will also learn about harnessing media tools in effective evangelism and discipleship, in addition to understanding communications, basics in Bible translation techniques, cross-cultural dynamics and protocols plus much more.  Furthermore you will be equipped to train and lead others in partnering with the Lord to see People Groups transformed and equipped with discipleship tools to enable them to become the sons and daughters of God that He longs for them to be. After a field assignment those who want to become authorized trainers in order to multiply the school will be commissioned to train others in the next school.  We are expecting that these authorized trainers will begin to multiply the school in YWAM centers around the world.


Translation Basics — Learning & gaining understanding of the basics of translation work and the Key Terms needed in establishing the basis of a good translation.

JESUS Film Project® — Learning the processes of producing the JESUS Film in other languages in order to both do the work and train others in the skills you have learned; this includes Language Production Management, Script Adaptation Facilitation, and Recording.

Faith Comes by Hearing® — learning the processes of producing audio recordings of the Bible into other languages, in order to both do the work and to train others in the process of producing audio recordings.

Leadership, Team Dynamics & Pioneering — Practical training in these areas – including working with partners from other mission organisations and chuches; pioneering and church planting to ensure an ongoing, growing community.

Communications — Overview of Communications, how do we communicate; who communicates and why; send verse receiver; the power of communication; communication tools; why we communicate.

Equip2GO — learning how to harness media and make it culturally relevant.

Cross-cultural Dynamics, Unreached People Groups & Protocols — Discovering cross-cultural dynamics & gaining a love & understanding for the Unreached Peoples of the world.

Evangelism, Holy Spirit Power to Go & Effective Distribution Strategies — Expanding our passion & heart to reach the Lost; learning how to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit; discovering God’s strategies for effective, ongoing distribution of the materials we produce.


The field assignment (which is REQUIRED) is the time where you will put into practice what you learned in the classroom.  It will involve working together as a team to set up new languages in preparation for adapting and translating the script as well as recording both the script and the Bible into new languages.  You will also have the opportunity to teach a workshop to local people during your field assignment.

We’re super excited about the field assignment phase of the school!  We’ll be sending teams to three different locations for 12 or 13 weeks.  During that time each team will have the privilege of seeing 16 to 20 languages adapted & translated into the JESUS film script, as well as 16 to 20 languages recorded and the gift of these new JESUS film’s produced in languages that have probably never had a movie in their own mother tongue before now!  The impact is HUGE when people are able to see & hear the story of God and Jesus for the first time in their very own language!

The result of the field assignment will be that through the three locations a total of 48 to 60 new JESUS film’s will be produced, with an influence over around 1 million people being reached through these tools in their very own language!

We have this amazing privilege of partnering together with God to see His story & message reach people from every tribe, every language, every nation!!!

School Information


April 5, 2018 – Sept 20, 2018

April 5, 2018 – June 20, 2018

June 21, 2018 – Sept 20,


Non-Degree: $4,235

AA Degree Track: $3,000

$1,995 (Required)


Some of the weeks will also be in seminar format. If interested, please inquire.


Pre-requisites: YWAM DTS

Course Code: CMC 295

U of N Credits: 24


Course leaders, Bernie & Sylvia Kay have both worked with YWAM since the 1980s.  Bernie was with Mercy Ships for 15 years and Sylvia was with YWAM in England, Switzerland and the Netherlands for 12 years.  They met when they arrived back in New Zealand and were married in 1999.
The Lord brought them to Kona in June 2010.  Sylvia has a passion for intercession, training, and going to the nations to share the Good News and see God break through into people’s lives.  Bernie has a passion for communication, all things technical and seeing God at work in and through people’s lives.
God positioned them in the room when people from JESUS Film Project® visited Kona in August 2015, for “such a time as this”.  Now they find themselves leading this brand new YWAM ministry called REACH—Bible and Media for Missions, focused on Ending Bible Poverty Now.

Assosiate Degrees

Music / Worship

Biblical Studies


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