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To love God and one another…the two greatest commandments. Learn practical health care skills to love and serve those in desperate need.


Get trained and equipped to meet the single greatest need in the world today – Primary Health Care.
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“16,000 children under the age of five die every day most from diseases that can be prevented and treated and approximately 830 women in the world die daily  from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.”   (WHO)

To love God, and love one another….the two greatest commandments!

In the Introduction to Primary Health Care School you will learn practical health care skills to love and serve those in desperate need, and in so doing you will demonstrate the love of Jesus, and open up communities to the gospel. Through offering village clinics, and health education we have been invited into remote tribal groups which would otherwise never have accepted a Christian presence. Are you ready for this challenge? Join us on the next IPHC School and become equipped to bless those who desperately need life, both physical and spiritual!

The IPHC School calls those who love the Lord and want to serve in poor, underserved and low access/resource  communities in developing countries. You do not need prior health care training or experience but the school is for those who are committed to taking the love of Jesus to those in greatest need, and who are willing to be trained and equipped to do so.

Core Focus

In the Primary Health Care School you learn practical health care and health educations skills that enable you to address and meet the majority of health needs in developing countries. In doing so you will serve people and demonstrate Gods love in the most practical ways and develop your own character while helping the poor and needy.


There is a health care emergency in many parts of the world….people are suffering while most of the rest of the world are oblivious to their plight. We go to these people, and meet their felt needs as best we can, knowing that God loves them and can use us to show His love.

Course Outline

During the 3 month “lecture phase” you will have experienced teachers giving you essential info and practical experience in the following topics:

God’s heart for the poor and needy and holistic health
Fearfully and wonderfully made – The human body: Anatomy and Physiology
Nutrition and its impact on community health, malnutrition, nutritional rehabilitation
Maternal & Child Health, pre- and postnatal care
IMCI (Integrated management of Childhood Illnesses)
Water and Sanitation
Patient assessment and basic curative care (learn how to diagnose and treat common diseases)
Tropical Medicine & International Health topics, Immunization
Simple Health Education (how to effectively teach health care messages)
Essential Drugs (handling and dispensing of pharmaceutical supplies)
How to work with communities (Worldview, and Community resources)
First Aid, emergency and disaster response

School Information


Lecture: Jan 3 – Mar 27th 2019 Outreach: Mar 28th – June 28th 2019


Lecture phase: USD $4,800




Completion of a DTS and outreach. Previous healthcare experience or training is not required


During outreach you will put into practice the skills you have learned and get more understanding of God’s heart for communities and the poor and needy.

Your outreach team will conduct mobile primary health clinic in rural and remote areas, as well as urban slums, where you diagnose and treat a variety of common illnesses in children and adults. The team will also teach health education in villages and schools focusing on basic health topics. 

After the school you can join us on staff with the Primary Health Care School. Our vision is to develop and multiply the school in countries where Primary Health Care is most needed and serve in South East Asia, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and Africa. You can also become a Simple Health Care trainer and join our mobile Simple Health Education team (SHC) and train indigenous health educators.


IPHC outreaches are known for going to farflung remote places where the people often have had very little contact with people from outside their area. They have many needs, and we have open doors and hearts as we share our lives with them for a brief period of time.


Friedhelm is a nurse from Germany and  learned about YWAM’s health care ministries while he worked in a refugee camp. He joined UofN Kona in 2004 where he started to lead the Primary Health Care schools. He lead or joined PHC outreach teams to Cambodia, Northern Thailand, Laos and India. He firmly believes in the Primary Health Care schools because he sees the impact these schools have in communities to bring hope and healing.

Friedhelm serves University of the Nations internationally as a council member for the college of Counselling and Health Care and associate dean for health care training. Friedhelm and Dr Mike will be co-leaders of the Sept 1027 school.



Dr Mike and Moira are originally from Zimbabwe, studied Medicine (Social Work for Moira) in South Africa, then moved to Canada. Mike is a family physician in Victoria BC, and is involved in family medicine and various forms of medical research. He has been teaching clinical skills on the IPHC Kona school for the past 5 years, and has been upgrading the IPHC curriculum to enable IPHC students to confidently provide primary health care to those who have no access to health care. Moira was a student on the IPHC Kona 2010/11 class, and has been involved in teaching wound care and Simple Health since then. Both Mike and Moira have a strong desire to see the Kingdom of God extended to those people in remote and unreached areas and they see primary health care as a very effective means to reach out to them. They love to teach people who have the same heart to reach people with God’s love!


Jeannie Lee RN, MSN: I came to YWAM in 1996 for what I thought would be just a 3 month interlude in Hawaii. Little did I realize that this was just the beginning of an amazing journey with God. That he would expand my horizons from an east coast girl to an island girl and then catapult me into the Nations. (Sierra Leone, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia) Three months stretched into twenty years. During these years, the most amazing gift of sight into God’s world was opened to me. My eyes saw the compassion and Love of God among the hurting and broken people around the world and that God had His thumbprint on my life and there was a reason for why He called me into this profession that I began to lose vision and passion for. I found my calling again.I have been on staff with Primary Health Care since 1999 and have also been a part of many other schools on campus including DTS, SBS, SOP. I enjoy diversity and new challenges to learn. My heart is to see people get excited about Jesus and the freedom He gives through truth and knowledge that brings transformation to the Whole body. My tool is through Health Education. My desire for the future is to always be discovering new things about God and to feel His pleasure in all that I do.


I’ve always since I was a kid had a heart for missions. The Lord prepared a special place in my heart for orphans; with that God has set me on a path, a journey towards fulfilling that heart desire for those most people don’t even think of, or may have forgotten are even out there in this world beyond their own world. After a time spent in a children’s home in South Africa I felt the frustration of not being able to do more to enrich the life of these ‘starving’ children. I mean ‘starving’ in love, compassion from others, a sense of belonging and even the simple right to getting help when sick or hungry. I felt ill-equipped for the task which led me to do some further training; I have since taken a counseling school and the primary healthcare school; after doing the IPHC I felt God was challenging me to step out even more in faith and grow in leadership development; since then I have staffed, co-led and lead the IPHC these past 6 years; I’m still growing, but God is so faithful in teaching me and strengthening me as I continue on my journey. I love being a part of what God is doing through primary healthcare; it has opened the door into areas that have been closed to the gospel, but as we meet the felt need of the people it’s such a beautiful thing to see their hearts open up to Jesus and his love for them.


Melissa grew up in Nebraska, loving God and her family.  When she was 10 years old a missionary from Africa visited her church asking for someone to join his family there. At that point, God planted something in her heart for the nations.  She has since joined YWAM and been on her missions journey with her husband and three daughters, serving in YWAM since 1999.  Previous to that, she worked as a nurse in a local hospital.  She loves discipling both her children and others.  Recently, her family spent three years in Cambodia, serving in the area of community health development.  She looks forward to serving in the Primary Health Care School, helping to launch others into ministry they feel God is leading them to.

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