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Discover God’s intent for Education. Learn the skills of making learning fun!


Explore how to foster a positive learning environment, use appropriate methodology, and effectively manage a classroom. Discover biblical curriculum which demonstrates God’s character and nature to young children. Study the sensorial approach to early childhood learning.

Core Focus

Learn the Biblical foundational values used in YWAM’s early childhood education centers worldwide. The course also gives an in-depth study of the sensorial approach to learning in the context of early childhood education; the planning and creating of the learning environment; a variety of other appropriate methods that are being explored; and classroom management and techniques.

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This course is part of 15-month degree track developed to equip early childhood educators with principles in training and teaching children. The student will be given opportunities to sharpen their skills in hearing God’s voice as an educator, heightening their awareness of God’s heart for young children, increasing their understanding of God’s character for their personal development, and learning creativity in how they can present God’s truths.


These classes lead to a degree in Education:

EDN 211 Foundations in Education

EDN 231 Early Childhood Education

EDN 232 Early Childhood Education Practicum

EDN 333 Early Childhood Education Practicum

EDN 235 Early Childhood Education Field Assignment

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Vaitulu comes from New Zealand – ever since she was a child she had always wanted to become a teacher. This is not unusual as she comes from a family of educators who are strong advocates in the field of education. Her passion is to see people rediscover themselves as competent and ‘gifted’ learners and teachers, when they know their true identity in Christ. Her past experience in tertiary education has knitted her well in what she is called to do. Vaitulu serves as a teacher trainer on both the Foundation in Education and the school of Early Childhood Education since 2012.


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