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The UofN is an energetic, passionate, and hands-on university that equips students to go into the world empowered in their God-given gifts. We want every area of society to be influenced by the practical effects of a life lived for God, so we welcome and celebrate students from every nation, background, and generation. 

Every student has their own experience, their own giftings, and their own potential which we believe should be fully explored and developed. Through our selection of focused twelve-week courses, students can build a unique and personal degree program. When you graduate from the UofN you will be equipped to fulfill your specific role in the Kingdom of God, and to make an impact while you live, work, and discover.   


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Step One
Our six-month Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a crucial first step for many students pursuing a degree, providing an invaluable life experience on which to build. DTS allows students to discover their God-given passions and their role in God’s purpose for the world as they encounter Him through this program.

Spend three months learning about God’s word and His world in a mission-focused community from discipleship to hands-on-training.


Apply what you’ve learned by taking your first steps to transforming lives⁠—including your own⁠—and impacting society with the love of Jesus through an intense cross-cultural experience.

Step Two


The UofN courses are taken as focused twelve-week modules which can be combined to form a degree at a certificate or undergraduate level. As part of their studies, students incorporate practical experience in the field allowing learning and service to build upon one another. Here are a few areas we offer degrees in at our university:

Degree fields:

Arts & Sports
Christian Ministries
Counseling & Healthcare
Humanities & International Studies
Science & Technology

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If you’re interested in exploring what a UofN degree looks like for you, then we’d love to help you out. Get in touch by filling out the box below with your questions, and we’ll get back to you soon!